A beautifully crafted 4 Maravedís cob coin statement necklace with a protective glass coin frame to ensure the longevity of the treasure it houses. This simplistic design holds beauty in the chain link variations used to complete it, including curb, round, rhombus and cable link lengths.


  • Chain Length: approx 60cm
  • Details: Stainless steel coin frame featuring a textured stardust finish to one side. Top-quality tarnish resistant 304 silver chain lengths, findings and clasps.

Cob Coin Treasure Locket ◇ 4 Maravedís

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  • A genuine 4 Maravedís cob coin minted sometime between 1621 and 1627 during the reign of either King Phillip III (1598-1621) or King Phillip IV (1621-1655). This bronze coin was minted at the Burgos mint in Spain. Maravedí were the smallest denomination of old Spanish currency, with 34 Maravedís equal to that of 1 Reale.

    • Coin diameter: 17 mm
    • Coin weight: 4.36 g


    Cob Coins

    If you couldn't already tell or just thought that age dealt a rough hand in the overall appearance of these coins - then you're not only wrong but in for a treat. Allow me to introduce the original "Treasure Coins" or better yet, the ancient epitome of not giving too much of an aesthetic shit. According to Phillip II and those who minted coins during his reign - the only real concern here was making sure that the cut of metal for each coin was of the correct weight before being hammer-struck between two crude dies and sent out into circulation. This resulted in what you see here, some of the most jacked-up and irregular legal tender known to man.