A beautifully simplistic pirate coin statement necklace featuring a 200-year-old, sea salvaged "Piece-of-Eight," a Labradorite accent stone, tarnish-free hardware and one of the very first TrippyTreasure logo tags to be released.



The exact recovery site of the coin has unfortunately been lost to time. However, it has been professionally determined to be sea-salvaged or "shipwrecked" due to the significant saltwater damage that you see on both sides.



◇ Chain: 70cm long. ◇ The numerological year of 1816: Lifepath 7 ◇ Details: No-fade 304 silver findings, connections and base chain, stainless steel coin frame, genuine gemstone features, a Trippy Treasure logo tag and an authentic 8 Reale coin from 1816. ◇ Complimentary treasure chest gift box with all pirate coin orders.

Shipwrecked "Piece-of-8" Pirate Coin Necklace ◇ 1816

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  • A genuine, shipwrecked Spanish Dollar or "8 Reale" coin from 1816. The exact recovery site of this coin has unfortunately been lost to time. However, it has been professionally determined to be sea-salvaged due to the significant saltwater damage that riddles both surfaces of the coin.

    • Coin diameter: 40mm 
    • Coin weight: 26.4g
    • Coin: Spanish silver

    Say hello to one of the most famous coins of its time - The Spanish Dollar! Minted during the "Golden Age of Piracy" from the 1490s - 1860s, this coin was mass-produced in Spain as well as various Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Colombia and more.


    Each dollar had a net worth equal to 8 Spanish Reales, earning it the more commonly known nickname - "A Piece of Eight." Considered to be one of the first "world coins," The Spanish Dollar held international value for its high silver content and fine craftsmanship. Some countries even adopted it as their own legal tender by countermarking the coins with their own official seal.


    Being such an accepted form of currency in different countries around the globe, it quickly became the preferred method of payment for all avenues of trading, especially with and amongst pirates.