A natural a-grade Grape Agate cluster featuring lovely bright purple tones to each side. 


95 x 65 x 45 mm


Grape Agate ◇ Mineral Specimen II

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  • These bubble clustered crystals only burst onto the crystal scene in 2016 and were discovered on the west coast of an island in Indonesia.

    They grow in botryoidal formations and come in various shades of green, blue, purple and grey. With the green and purple specimens being the rarer & more sought-after stones.

    The metaphysical properties of Grape Agate still aren't fully understood with it being such a young stone. However the properties that have been documented describe it as a luxurious stone with gentle and harmonious energies.

    Gentle calming energy Spiritual wisdom & growth Financial wealth Inspired creativity Purpose and clarity Enriching abundance Inner stability Dreams and insomnia Intuitive booster Vision calling Psychic protection Working with people Luxury and kindness