A beautifully crafted 1 Céntimos stash ring surrounded by a halo of delicate cubic zirconia stones, creating a perfect contrast that speaks to the timeless qualities of the statement coin itself. It features a genuine 1 Céntimos coin from "1870" (indicating the date these coins were first issued - not minted) that crowns an inconspicuous glass-based locket with a strong, magnetic closure clasp to house whatever tiny treasure you desire! 



Ring size: US 8

Details: No-fade, stainless steel.

Pirate Coin Stash Ring ◇ 1 Céntimos Locket

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  • A genuine 1 Céntimos coin from "1870" (1869 - 1906).  

    • Coin diameter: 15 mm
    • Coin weight: 1 g
    • Lifepath year: 7

    These coins came about after the collapse of the Spanish government which led to the "Glorious Revolution" and saw the deposition of Queen Isabella II in 1868. Unable to find anyone to step up to the plate and accept the throne, the Spanish government became a Provisional Government, marking the beginnings of a 6-year period in Spanish history known as "Sexenio Democrático" or "Sexenio Revolucionario" (The six democratic or revolutionary years).


    Soon after Queen Isabella II was overthrown, new coins were introduced paired with a bizarre dating system. This coin dating system was somewhat misleading with the "authorization date" on the obverse of the coin, not necessarily reflecting the actual date of mintage. Coins higher than 1 Céntimo display the actual date within a six-pointed star on the back of the coin. While the original minting date for the 1 Céntimos coin remains a mystery dependent on the coin being made of copper (original issue) or bronze (newer issue).