Show 'em how much of a cleaning lady you can be by mopping the floor with their asses in the sweet "Sadie" lash! Each set of these criss-cross layered, feather-finish lashes has a total of 20 magnets for maximum hold and ultimate flexibility.


  • Suits both magnetic eyeliner and most liner bond's 
  • 10 magnets per single lash (20 per set)
  • Holds better shape than 3 and 5 magnet lashes
  • Comes in a gorgeous, glittering storage compact (limited supply)
  • Reusable (for up to 8-10 wears) 
  • Easy to clean (micellar water, warm water)


Clean after every wear and store in a cool dry place to ensure the longevity of your lashes.

The "Sadie" Lash

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